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“Managing and addressing security issues.”

Access management; governance, risk and compliance; encryption and authentication; passwords, SSO and biometrics; threat detection and cyber security; one of the biggest concerns for many businesses and organisations today is the issue of ensuring your content, be it online, on-premise, in the cloud or mobile, is protected and yet stay compliant with governance and regulatory requirements.

Detect cyber threats and avoid those dangerous data breaches, develop and secure an IT maintenance programme that is flexible, scalable and auditable through business protocols and processes, manage access to content and applications ensuring that the right people see the right data, at the right time.


Data and Information ManagementDATA & INFORMATION MANAGEMENT

“Make your data informative and manageable.”

Managing your content is an art; be it in the form of paper documents, electronic files, databases, social media, online content, etc., it has to be captured, managed, stored, preserved (if necessary) and delivered. But it also has to provide an insight into your business, internally and externally.

Business processes and procedures aid the indexing, organisation and management of information; automated tasks direct content to the right place, at the right time, from its secure storage location that is accessible and flexible, whilst ensuring compliance and security.



“Managing your data storage and archive options.”

Just what to do with the plethora of data received today in a variety of formats, from a mass of difference sources; that’s the question. Big Data is getting bigger and traditional storage is no longer able to cope; now’s the time to turn to enterprise storage solutions.

Whether it’s cloud-based enterprise data storage centre or via a third-party cloud service, an All-Flash array storage solution or an on-premise consolidated virtualised cloud storage platform, it still needs to be scalable, have the capacity to expand, and meet regulatory requirements.


Internet of ThingsINTERNET of THINGS

“The smart way to connect your devices, data and business processes.”

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the way our businesses work and connect, internally and externally, but how does this phenomenon impact your business and what’s the future of IoT in 2016?

IoT can help you manage a multitude of connected devices, connecting sensor hubs, wireless connectivity, sensor fusion and wearables to empower the user and deliver more control, at your fingertips, combining different sources of data. But with the rise of its use comes the concerns of privacy, security and authentication, and the need for a common set of standards to help govern this growing trend.



“Managing your data in the ‘Cloud’.”

The Cloud; a leading trend in 2016 as more and more businesses move critical data, applications and services to the cloud for storage, ease of handling big data, flexibility, and garnering vital information and valuable insights into their businesses.

As use increases, Cloud Services Brokerage (CSB) emerges to help manage a business’s cloud services, integrating on-premise and cloud applications, developing a hybrid strategy that is becoming a popular solution for small and large businesses worldwide.



“Managing your mobile data and sharing content.”

We’re becoming a mobile workforce; the use of smartphones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices has empowered employers and employees to add flexibility to their roles and simultaneously increase productivity, efficiency and customer engagement.

From BYOD to MDM, it is essential that a business monitors and maintains their mobile devices, ensuring suitable encryption and access management protocols are in place, and addressing the storage and archiving mobile content.



“Connect, collaborate and communicate across the enterprise in a unified way.”

An enterprise is a unified communication hub; communication is connecting and collaborating across a network in a unified way that informs and interacts with people across the enterprise. Improve communications to increase connection; promote collaboration to establish unity.

From customer engagement and CRM to enterprise social media; mobility and wireless communications to video conferencing; real time solutions are integrated with inspired communication, leading to an truly unified enterprise.


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