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Lisa-Marie Carter, Owner & Founder

An entrepreneur with over 15 years of sales and marketing experience and qualified to Business A Level, Lisa-Marie established ZONE SE7EN as a hub for news, updates and events in the dynamic, ever-changing IT industry covering a variety of topics including cloud computing, data and information management, enterprise communications, cyber security and access management, Internet of Things and mobility. Lisa-Marie is highly experienced in developing and running comprehensive events and online IT projects, both large and small, across a range of industries.

Prior to ZONE SE7EN, Lisa-Marie was a dancer and choreographer, and has worked in fashion, jewellery design, energy, the IT industry, enterprise content and document management.

As Owner & Founder, Lisa-Marie oversees and directs all ZONE SE7EN events and projects.

Allie Philpin, Senior Editor & Social Media Manager

With a BA in Business and a Certificate in Marketing, Allie has gained over 25 years copywriting, social media and marketing experience. Allie covers a wide range of topics from property and film production, pharmaceutical and health & fitness, to IT, finance and energy efficiency.

Prior to being freelance, Allie has worked in estate agency and publishing, manufacturing and air conditioning, IT communications and equestrian, radio and PR/advertising.

Allie is ZONE SE7EN’s Senior Editor and Social Media Manager, writing and overseeing all online content, moderating and managing all events and projects, and handling all social media activity for ZONE SE7EN and on behalf of sponsors.

Tobias Manolo, Copywriter

With over 11 years in the IT, content management and communications industry, Tobias has developed his copywriting skills specialising in these areas. His knowledge is extensive and he has written both online and offline articles, as well as content for social media.

Tobias has worked in a range of industries including hardware and software computer sales, retail, energy efficiency and air conditioning.

Tobias is a copywriter for ZONE SE7EN covering a wide range of topics.

Nick Pledge, Creative Design Manager

Nick has over 35 years in creative design, across all forms of media from print to digital, online and websites. Having served his ‘apprenticeship’ the old-fashioned way through the use of pen and paper, Nick has successfully developed his technical, digital and online expertise, and has created inspirational, ground-breaking work for clients from all walks of life.

Nick heads-up ZONE SE7EN’s in-house creative team.

Joe Whelan, IT Manager

Joe has been working in the IT industry for 15 years and has built up a wealth of experience, possessing extensive knowledge and expertise in both Mac and PC applications, hardware and software.

As well as assisting the copywriters on occasion, Joe runs ZONE SE7EN’s IT department.

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    Steve, 7 August 2013

    I wish you guys the best and look forward to your information and insights.

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