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Advanced Cloud Management Launched by ScaleXtreme

  • By Allie Philpin 
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ScaleXtreme has announced the launch of their new Advanced Cloud Management solution, designed to be fully integrated with their existing server management capabilities including server and application monitoring, job automation and patch management.  Combining server management with enterprise cloud management, the new solution will also include a new workflow and orchestration system, multi-cloud management capabilities, autoscaling and cloud access control.

Fortune 500 companies that have been testing the new solution, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft and Windows Azure, and Terremark Enterprise Cloud, have used Advanced Cloud Management to deploy cloud-based applications that are complex and centralise IT control over their public cloud deployments.

Nand Mulchandani, co-founder and CEO of ScaleXtreme, said in a statement: “As enterprises evolve their applications architecture to be increasingly cloud-based, they find themselves having to deal with multiple vendors and management tools.  There’s usually no ‘clean break’ between their legacy applications running on virtualised servers in their data centre and are starting to deploy applications in the public cloud.  ScaleXtreme helps IT deal with this complexity.”

Advanced Cloud Management provides the customer with a wide range of server, application and service management functionality within a single platform, aiming to simplify and unify the different systems management functions dealt with by IT departments and their channel partners.  The new solution will also help to speed up new cloud service provisioning, providing IT personnel with the tools to manage servers and clouds via a single interface.

By Allie Philpin

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