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Alfresco Makes Managing Classified Content Easier

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Leading open-source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Business Process Management (BPM) solution providers, Alfresco Software, have announced the latest improvements to their Alfresco Records Management solution that increases security and simplifies the management of classified content, especially for large-scale deployments such as government agencies.

Alfresco Records Management 2.4 is the only open-source solution that is certified compliant with the DoD 5015.02 specification and helps agencies to meet the regulations, requirements and mandates that govern the way they manage their information and assets.  Version 2.4 improves security controls through granular content classifications and access that is controlled by a user’s security clearance, allowing them to only access content that is up to their clearance level.  For example, for a user cleared to view “Secret” information they will be able to access content that is classified “Secret” and “Confidential” but they won’t have access to, or know of, any content that is classified “Top Secret”.

The enhanced Alfresco Records Management module supports US government standards for data cleansing and has also been designed with scalability that will meet the requirements of local governments with hundreds of users and large enterprise organisations with thousands of users.  This scale and level of security is critical for government agencies, particularly the intelligence and military community, and other highly regulated industries, i.e. financial services.

Austin Adam, Vice President of Public Sector at Alfresco, said: “Government CIOs, CTOs and information system managers are at the intersection of the technology revolution, where the cultural shift towards a digital world and the demanding requirements of security and compliance often collide.  Agencies must provide the tools for collaboration, business process and content management that are flexible enough to meet the needs of this changing landscape.”  He added: “Recognising these trends and addressing them in a unified way is essential to providing both the access to content that users need and the structural controls that government IT demands.”

The nature of information that is held by government agencies means that executives face an onslaught of regulations, placing a big burden on information systems and actions of end users to remain compliant.  Legal requirements include measures that are intended to protect classified information and individuals’ privacy, while regulatory mandates and government-wide requirements have to contend with directives that advocate for a cloud-first approach and open-source solutions, to Department of Defense (DoD)-level security standards.  In addition, there are government-wide mandates that dictate emails must be handled electronically by the end of 2016, and that all agency records are to be managed electronically by 2019.

Also, agencies often have to use legacy ECM systems that are costly to maintain, lack the flexibility needed to deal with newer applications, are cumbersome and not user-friendly.  This leads to low user-adoption and could push employees to use unsanctioned applications outside of approved corporate solutions.

Alfresco’s Records Management Module delivers a combination of simplicity and control to information governance, allowing agency executives to implement content and process management systems that are more modern and are familiar to users, integrating seamlessly with existing and new applications, making compliance and records management easy to execute as well as meeting the range of government mandates.

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