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Barclays Bank to Roll out Voice Recognition for Telephone Banking Customers

  • By Allie Philpin 
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UK bank, Barclays, is to introduce voice recognition for their telephone banking customers, and is designed to provide a more secure alternative to secret questions answers and pass codes as a way of authenticating the service’s users.

Using voice biometrics technology by Nuance, the retail bank is rolling out the service to their 12 million retail customers in 2015.  The technology records a customer’s voice print, which is used to identify the customer within seconds when the next use the telephone banking service.  Barclays believe the voice recognition technology has the potential to increase security and reduce fraud, and make the use of this service easier.

Vice President Cloud Solutions, Jason Hart at SafeNet, a data protection organisation, commented: “It’s not surprising that Barclays is making the move away from password-based authentication for its telephone banking.  Today we have so many passwords to remember that we choose easy-go-guess passwords, use the same passwords for several accounts, or even write down passwords where they can be easily found.”

Chris England, Director at Okta, an identity management company, added: “We’ve long had single sign-on technologies to remove the complexity of remembering multiple passwords, but what if someone else gets a hold of that single username and password?  At Okta, we’ve already seen a lot of organisations implementing more flexible, adaptive, people-centric authentication methods and expect to see more following in Barclays’ footsteps.”

For additional information about Voice Recognition please visit the following link:

By Allie Philpin

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