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Big Data Analytics Added to Amazon AWS, by Capgemini

  • By Allie Philpin 
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Capgemini has announced that Amazon Web Services (AWS) now provides users with business intelligence and big data analytics capabilities, enabling them to view a more up-to-date analytical breakdown in the cloud of their data.  Known as Elastic Analytics, Capgemini has targeted the new feature as an end-to-end B1 and big data analytics solution that is able to offer management, security, maintenance, support and infrastructure within a single cloud solution.

Elastic Analytics has been developed specifically for the enterprise, supporting leading BI software solutions, with the key benefit of flexibility and elasticity within the cloud framework which allows users to expand their service as required.  Scott Schlesinger at Capgemini said in a statement: “Organisations are continually looking for optimised solutions that deliver shorter ‘time-to-value’ advanced analytics.  AWS is a highly adaptable and extensible platform that rapidly offers organisations the ability to launch and sustain their advanced analytics initiatives.”

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