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Bio-Metrica Launch their Multifactor Identity Framework

  • By Allie Philpin 
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Identity company, Bio-Metrica, has announced the launch of their new multifactor identity framework that has been developed to operate with a range of biometric and non-biometric authentication methods.

The Biometric Identification Infrastructure (BII) is a web services framework allowing applications to use different biometric data types, such as fingerprint, speech, facial or signature recognition, iris, SMT, Smartcard, passwords, tokens, etc. as well as other biometric and non-biometric data types across a variety of applications.  This modular approach to authentication means that entities are able to support dissimilar biometrics across applications as well as integrate with existing applications that would, in the past, not be able to communicate.

BII is able to create optional or mandatory fields for biometric and non-biometric data types in concurrent applications that are using its database.  Applications include Biometric Identification System, National ID, AFIS, Border Control Systems, Census, Voter Registration System, Driver’s License, and other automatic non-biometric and biometric identification systems.

Ronen Yacobi, founder of Bio-Metrica LLC, said: “BII isa cutting edge multifactor framework that allows any authentication method from any vendor to be used by applications.  With both desktop and mobile devices, it gives clients the ability to use a single set of data across all their applications.”

Bio-Metrica’s BII framework can be used on laptops, PCs, tablets and smartphones with an infrastructure that can split processing between server and client systems, utilising computing power via BII’s core matcher manager.  It is available as an integrated framework with an application or as a separate framework incorporating functions that can be used for developing third party applications.



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