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BridgeHead Launch Deduplication for Backup and Recovery, Ideal for Hopsitals

  • By Allie Philpin 
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Leaders in healthcare data management, BridgeHead Software, has announced the launch of BridgeHead Deduplication for Backup and Recovery and integrated support for HP StoreOnce Backup.  The new software solution, which incorporates new deduplication capabilities to reduce storage costs, release floor space and lower admin burdens, is suitable for hopsitals looking to move a proportion or all of their backup copies to a remote Disaster Recovery (DR) location.

With embedded HP Catalyst software, BridgeHead’s solution supports inline data reduction at the source, before the backup is written to disk, local to the hospital application or made available over a WAN (Wide-Area-Network) connection in a remote location.  Hospitals will be able to combine local and remote storage to benefit from local recovery of recent data, as well as having remote disaster recovery protection.  Key features include:

•    Improved RTO/RPO and online de-duplicated disk stores.
•    Reduced storage and floor space, free disk space and extended lift expectancy of storage systems.
•    Optimised network use enabling remote disaster recovery protection.
•    Flexible deployment options.
•    Cloud backup enabled remotely, or via a third-party cloud provider, using the integrated HP StoreOnce Backup.
•    Deduplicated data encryption.

Tony Cotterill, CPO and chairman at BridgeHead Software, said: “BridgeHead Deduplication for Backup and Recovery is ideal for hospitals that want to implement effective disaster recovery strategies without breaking the bank.  It also positions hospitals to take advantage of new cloud storage options, whether they be within the firewall or beyond.”

Jack Margossian, president of Comport Healthcare Solutions, added: “We anticipate that BridgeHead’s integration with HP’s StoreOnce Catalyst will be very helpful in reducing bandwidth requirements for cloud or remote site backups, lowering costs, and enhancing disaster recovery capabilities.”

By Allie Philpin

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    Reply lyuthar, 23 December 2013

    Heard about the news that Bridgehead is launching deduplication for hospitals backup. It is such a great thing. The other key features which I want to add is that we can DEPLOY it for using it with any other brand of storage.
    Thank you.

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