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CA Technologies Adds Breach Prevention Capabilities to Control Privileged User Access

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CA Technologies this week announced the release of new products in their identity-centric security portfolio designed to protect and enable the hybrid enterprise, from cloud, distributed and mobile to mainframe.

The new release of CA Privileged Access Manager aids in the control of privileged user access to VMware NSX environments, whilst new updates to their CA Identity Suite will simplify user identity governance.  As well as these new releases, CA Technologies have released a new product, called CA Data Content Discovery, that will help address the demands of compliance by not only discovering but also classifying mainframe data.

CA Privileged Access Manager provides privileged access management interoperability with VMware NSX and by combining the built-in security capabilities of both solutions, operational efficiencies are improved and better secure system access for administrators is ensured.

Steve Firestone, Senior Vice President and General Manager at CA Technologies, said: “This release of CA Privileged Access Manager, and its ability to control privileged user access and protect privileged credentials, allows customers to extend the benefits of the VMware NSX network virtualisation platform and micro-segmentation.”  He added: “This product helps reinforce CA’s leadership position in this market and helps organisations protect the systems of today’s application economy.”

With a recent report estimating that the annual global economic cost of cybercrime is at $375 billion, investigations have shown that misused or stolen privileged user credentials and accounts are at the very heart of damaging breaches.

According to Gartner, “By 2018, the inability of organisations to properly scope and contain privileged access will be responsible for up to 60% of insider misuse and data theft incidents, up from ore than 40% today.”

CA Privileged Access Manager has been developed to focus on securing privileged accounts, minimising the risk of damaging breaches, and also interoperates with VMware NSX Service Composer, providing advanced security operator privileges for network-based resources and the VMware NSX management environment.  The solution flags unusual incidents and provides dynamic security responses, i.e. automatically starting session recordings, forcing the user to re-authenticate with stronger credentials, or terminating a session, helping to protect privileged users and their credentials from risk as well as maintaining the integrity of the operating environment.

The release of the updated CA Identity Suite delivers an intuitive, efficient business user experience that has been designed to drive high user adoption and customer satisfaction across IT and the business.  New web and mobile application launch pads allow users to carry out all identity and governance-related processes from a centralised pane, on any device, and the ability to personalise the interface helps to provide a consistent user experience.  The Suite is also integrated with CA Advanced Authentication to provide credential provisioning for robust multi-factor authentication.  The new capability also includes step-up authentication that asks users to provide more evidence to prove who they claim to be when attempting to carry out an activity that is considered high risk or suspicious.

Linley Ali, Lead Enterprise Architect at Florida Blue, said: “We have thousands of employees supporting our mission to promote better health.  Managing and governing the access of our employees is critical to improving employee productivity and efficiency, and maintaining security and protection of our member data.  CA’s technology makes identity management simple by putting technical language into business terms any employee can understand, and effectively helping protect member information by controlling who can access what.”

CA Data Content Discovery has been developed to address compliance and security needs and is the industry’s first on-platform data discovery and classification solution that helps safeguard mainframe data by automatically scanning data to identify where regulated and sensitive information is located, how it’s accessed and by whom.

Joe Sturonas, Chief Technology Officer at PKWARE, Inc., said: “CA Data Content Discovery is a very useful product to discover regulated data on the z/OS platform.  We expect banking and insurance companies will find the product valuable as the volume of sensitive and regulated information those organisations have far surpasses most organisations.  With breaches in the news every day, the ability to find where this sensitive data resides with CA Data Content Discovery, then encrypting it, or even ruling out you don’t have it, are critical steps in protecting a business.”

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