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Capture Your Documents and Digitise

ZONE SE7EN has launched the next virtual event in their Insight Zone 2014 series, focusing on the document imaging and capture industry. ZONE SE7EN quizzed the experts and questioned key industry thought-leaders to deliver an online series of Executive Interview videos and a virtual Roundtable that is informative, thought-provoking and enlightening for decision-makers.

Insight Zone’s virtual Document Imaging and Capture interviews ask those tough questions; How can document imaging help workflow automation? What products will lead to a ‘less paper’ office? My mobile workers want to capture, share and print documents on the go; how do we do that? How do we achieve a holistic approach to document capture? In what way can SharePoint in the cloud help manage documents? What are the benefits of intelligent scanning?

Gareth Hutchins at EMC2 explains how EMC’s products speed up the capture process: “Our mobile toolkit can enable mobile applications to take a picture, and send it to a centralised capture solution, or maybe a cloud-based solution that is an on-demand approach.”

Klaus Schulz at PFU Imaging Solutions Europe – a Fujitsu company, gives his thoughts on a holistic approach: “We have to think further than just creating that static image of a document; but rather, we need to understand for which purpose documents are being scanned.”

Staffan Lindö at Microsoft talks about the impact cloud has had on document management within SharePoint: “SharePoint is enabled by the cloud so that you can easily collaborate and work with content across company borders in a secure way.”

Andy Jones at Xerox gives his insight mobile capture solutions: “We have an application that can help to take information out of a device’s memory and transfer it into a business system or application, then remove it from the device to provide a secure way of enabling the mobile workforce to capture information.”

Also featured is an exclusive interview with Doug Miles, Director Market Intelligence at AIIM, who shares his extensive knowledge on SharePoint, Big Data, BYOD and more: “Many organisations need to take important strategic decisions as to what to use to do workflow, records management, social, collaboration, ECM, business processes, and which solution to use.”

All Executive Interview videos and the informative, virtual Roundtable discussion are available to view online from today. Register FREE here to receive exclusive access, or using the form below:


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