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Wearable Technology; the Next Cloud Phenomenon?

By Allie Philpin A couple of weeks ago, Virgin Atlantic announced their trial of wearable technology at London Heathrow airport.  Virgin staff in the Upper Class Wing will be trialling passenger-facing wearable technology using Google Glass and Sony Smart watches, enabling them to provide a high class, high tech, personalised passenger experience.  Using this innovative […]

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So, You want to Implement a Coud Infrastructure?

By Allie Philpin We’ve heard all the benefits (and a few negatives!) about cloud computing, and this has led to many companies, large and small, to consider investing in a cloud infrastructure.  But before you ‘jump in with both feet’, so to speak, there are a few aspects you need to consider before you say […]

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Looks Like it’s All Good News for Cloud Computing…

By Allie Philpin In both the business and consumer worlds, we seem to have accepted ‘cloud computing’, and we certainly seem less fearful of this technology as we come to understand not only how it functions, but also how it can help many in a variety of ways.  And judging by a survey recently conducted […]

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Saving Money is not the Top Reason for Implementing Cloud Technology!

By Allie Philpin Cloud computing was probably the biggest trend-setter and growth area in 2013, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to lessen in 2014!  Adopting cloud technologies is all about improving and streamlining business processes, but what is the main driver for IT leaders and business owners for implementing a public cloud solution?  […]

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IDC Study Predicts More Servers will Move to the Cloud

By Allie Philpin Last week, IDC predicted that moving servers to cloud service providers and SaaS (software-as-a-service) is very much on the increase as we see a rise in the cloud computing, and it demonstrates the way servers are used in today’s business environments.  IDC believes that as many as 30% of servers in 2014 […]

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The Key Challenges to Document Viewing in the Cloud

By Allie Philpin So, you’ve implemented your cloud-based content management system – or repository, or library – but to make sure the end user gets a good experience when viewing documents within the system, there are key challenges that need to be considered: document sizes, HTML5 compatibility, multiple file formats, and mobile device viewing.  Let’s […]

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Werner Vogels Shares His Thoughts on Cloud Computing in 2014

By Allie Philpin Werner Vogels, CTO of, shared his thoughts with The Guardian on cloud computing, and his predictions for 2014; and it certainly makes interesting reading!  More and more organisations worldwide are taking to the cloud, following in the footsteps of Amazon, and realising the benefits; but there are also a lot of […]

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DaaS… The Pay-as-you-go Virtual Desktop

By Allie Philpin Last week, Colin MacDonald, the Government’s Chief Information Officer, announced their new cloud-based all-of-government Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), developed to provide more flexibility and collaboration between government agencies, and to deliver our public services more efficiently.  MacDonald expects the new service to simplify ICT management across all government agencies; effectively agencies won’t have to […]

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Where’s the Technology Revolution in the UK?

By Allie Philpin Go back to the 18th/19th centuries (ok, before most of us were born!) and Britain was a leading industrialist, leading the world in new innovations, including technology!  Today, quite simply, we’re not.  Cloud computing, BYOD, mobility… all revolutionary technological advancements, but it’s not Britain’s businesses that are leading the way, it’s enterprises […]

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Assessing the Risks to Implementing Cloud Computing

By Allie Philpin Earlier this month, we published an article – Beware the Risks with Cloud Computing – highlighting the potential risks involved in implementing a cloud computing solution.  What we didn’t discuss was how to assess those risks to ensure that your venture into the cloud is successful.  The rise in cloud computing has […]

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