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How can Cloud Computing Benefit Your SME Competitively?

By Stephen Thomas Although 99% of businesses and 60% of the private sector workforce was accounted for by SME last year (this is explained further in this article by The Guardian), starting up and maintaining a healthy turnover is still as tough as it has ever been. Competing with the bigger businesses in any sector […]

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Moving to the Cloud – 8 Areas to make it Systems Management-Friendly

By Tobias Manolo Ok, so you’ve moved to the cloud, but you aren’t reaping the benefits you expected.  Well, your existing LAN-based client/server architecture could the problem.  Today, these system management solutions that were implemented 10 or more years ago aren’t able to work effectively with the cloud solutions, a more mobile workforce, BYOD, SaaS […]

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Beware the Risks with Cloud Computing!

By Allie Philpin Now, don’t panic… we’re not saying don’t implement the cloud; we just want to make sure that you’ve considered the disadvantages, or risks, as well as the advantages when it comes to cloud computing.  Indeed, Zone Se7en has just moved over to the cloud but we spent time evaluating not only the […]

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SME’s Can Take Advantage of the Cloud

By Allie Philpin Talking to various small- and medium-sized businesses (SME’s), there is certainly an interest in moving across to the cloud but there is still a hesitation, and it is not just the security issues that are preventing SME’s from taking the plunge into cloud computing.  Another issue appears to be that many SME […]

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Will ‘Cloud It’ Pull in the Customers for Barclays?

By Allie Philpin As a Barclays customer and a keen interest in all things technical, when the bank announced the launch of their new cloud-based document management service, I was more than a little intrigued.  The new service, Cloud It, has been designed for use by their online customers to store their important documents electronically, […]

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Study Reveals the ‘Hidden Costs’ Fear of Cloud Computing

Over the next few years, a major priority for many organisations is migrating to the cloud, but not without worrying about the risks involved in such a move, according to new research carried out.  At the request of Compuware, Research In Action surveyed 468 IT decision-makers as to their experiences with cloud computing and whether […]

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Cloud Implementation goes up as Confidence in Security Gains Ground

More and more enterprises are taking the step to invest in a cloud solution and according to a recent study conducted by IDG Enterprise, cloud investment has risen by 10% with at least half of IT budgets allocated to cloud computing over the coming two years.  And it seems that companies are growing in confidence […]

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Private Cloud Storage has Positive effect for Hadoop Users

If you’re a Hadoop user, you’ll know just how good a tool it is in providing actionable information and analytics not only on large amounts of unstructured data sets, but also on big structured data sets, particularly the way it finds information that other systems would not trace and the speed with which it trawls […]

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Oh! The Surveillance Scandal of it all!

Back in June, news leaked of the National Security Agency’s (NSA) PRISM surveillance project in the US, and it caused quite a stir at the time!  Since then, US cloud providers have been involved with lengthy discussions regarding the predicted financial impact to themselves, particularly following confirmation from cloud giants, including Google and Microsoft, that […]

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‘The Trends they are a Changing’, so says Canon, but it is a Fine Line

Every week there’s a new trend, or so it feels!  No sooner had we got used to the cloud, there comes flexible working; so, we adapt to this trend and then another steps into the marketplace – BYOD!  And so it goes on… But with so many changes going on, organisations are hesitant to know […]

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