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7 Business Intelligence Predictions for 2017 from MicroStrategy

By Hugh Owen Senior Vice President, product marketing, MicroStrategy Tremendous amounts of data are generated every minute of every day, presenting equal amounts of possibilities and challenges.  As we look towards 2017, organisations that understand the growing potential of big data and the need to analyse it efficiently will be the ones that see the […]

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Managing Legal Matters Made Easier with Matter Management Technology

By Allie Philpin As anyone who is either in, or has been connected with, the legal industry will know that litigation cases come with the headache of managing legal matter, particularly legal transactions – tracking, review, assistance, etc., and these tasks are often difficult to manage.  But with the growth of matter management technology delivering […]

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Storing Electronic Information Long Term could be Risky

By Allie Philpin You could be forgiven for thinking that electronic information can be stored indefinitely; however, it now seems that storing electronic information passively could turn out to be not only wasteful, but also a high risk decision.  So, why do we store information long term without doing anything with it; and how can […]

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A Seat on the Board for More Compliance Officers, Says Survey

By Allie Philpin Compliance officers, along with those employees concerned with regulatory and ethics issues have risen amongst the ranks recently, with many having the kudos of a seat on the board, so says a recent survey from the HCCA (Health Care Compliance Association) and SCCE (Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics).  According to the […]

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Document Management and Electronic Storage Benefits Law Firms

By Allie Philpin Anyone that has ever had any dealings with the legal profession, on either side, is no doubt aware that the industry is bound by paper!  But technology is starting to revolutionise the paper mountain, with the help of cloud computing and document management systems.  But before law firms jump in and implement […]

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IDC Predicts High IT Spending for Financial Sector over Coming Years

By Allie Philpin The level of demand on compliance for financial institutions is at its highest level, and IDC predicts that the levels of IT spend for financial institutions to meet these demands, reaching as much as $80 billion by 2017!  Just managing their data can lead to thousands of man-hours every year, which leads […]

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8 Vendors in Gartner’s ‘Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Legal Management’

By Allie Philpin Gartner Inc. recently released their inaugural ‘Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Legal Management’, placing 8 vendors into the report over 4 categories: leaders, niche players, visionaries and challengers.  Gartner cited the different requirements regarding privacy of data, a rise in federal regulations and an increase in the amount of data now accumulated by […]

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TAR is here to Stay! So Says Discussion Panel…

By Allie Philpin Last week in New York, and sponsored by Catalyst Repository Systems, a panel discussion took place – “TAR For the Real World: Practical Problems, Pragmatic Solutions.”  Hosted by Kirkland & Ellis, moderated by Monica Bay from Law Technology News, the panel featured well-known names in the legal industry – John Tredennick from […]

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Google Lost; will Yahoo Face the same Fate over Email Intrusion?

By Allie Philpin So, Google lost the privacy lawsuit against them; ok, that’s not much of a surprise as most of us think that these big corporations believe they can do anything and get away with it!  But there’s a sting in the tail for those providers of email accounts for the general public… more […]

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Managing and Storing those Emails… For Lawyers!

We’ve all been there… searching through our Inbox to find that email we know we received a few weeks, or even months, back, the one that had that really important document attached to it; how many hours have you lost trying to find that one document that is now needed?  Probably too long!  According to […]

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