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What does ‘Internet of Things’ Actually Mean?

By Allie Philpin We keep hearing the term ‘Internet of Things’; it’s a technological term that is being applied to collect information from data centres.  But do we actually know what the term means?  Probably not… So let’s try and explain it. Basically, the Internet of Things, or IoT, is a system combining data-collecting technologies […]

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Big Data, Social and the Customer Experience

By Allie Philpin Big data… its rise has been almost meteoric, causing concern for many an organisation!  Now, if you’re a large corporate, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that a big investment has been made in building an IT framework of suitable applications and resources in order to not only collect this data, but […]

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Checking Web Security Needn’t Cost a Fortune!

By Tobias Manolo So, you’ve got your website and it’s working well; but is it secure?  And how do I check whether it’s not vulnerable?  But if you don’t have much of a budget to constantly check your web applications for any potential vulnerabilities or security flaws, it can be quite a challenge!  That said, […]

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Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) – What is it?

By Tobias Manolo Life on the Internet can be quite a minefield when it comes to sensitive information, and that’s why we have SSL/TLS protocols and web server certificates via Certificate Authorities (CA) that we trust; they are important, crucial even, to online communication.  The web server’s digital certificate is checked, automatically, for any problems […]

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You’re Interested in the Data, now comes the Project Strategy Challenge

By Tobias Manolo Talend sponsored a survey recently that revealed 24% of their respondents were not interested in their organisation’s big data; a big drop on last year’s figure of 61%!  So, it seems that many businesses are starting to wake up to the big data phenomenon.  But the rise in those companies that have […]

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Joomla and WordPress – CMS Platforms for the Non-Techie

By Allie Philpin In today’s incredibly competitive business world, whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, keeping the content on your website up-to-date, fresh and well-designed.  For small- and medium-sized businesses, budgets don’t stretch to outsource this work so, more and more companies are taking on the task themselves using user-friendly CMS (Content […]

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Hadoop… The Myths Explained!

Not only has there been an increase in the volume and complexity of data flowing into organisations, there has also been an increase in the number of organisations taking up and implementing Hadoop systems, as well as other big data solutions, to help them manage this influx of structured and unstructured data.  But as the […]

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Enterprise Social Networks… Great! But how do You Measure the ROI?

Enterprise social networks… there aren’t many companies in the business world today that doesn’t employ some form of social network, even it is the basics of Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.  Whether it’s a basic form or a more complex solution, enterprise social networks have the ability to change the way an organisation conducts their business, […]

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Three Top Tools for Content Managers

In today’s busy and ever-expanding social media world, there are an abundance of tools at the fingertips of content managers ensuring that they are able to oversee their campaigns effectively and maintain brand awareness.  But what are the top three tools that can benefit content managers the most, and help them target and reach potential […]

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Coupled or Decoupled? We’re Talking Web CMS Architecture, of course…

Web CMS architectures are, essentially, either coupled or decoupled… Explanation needed?  Well, with a coupled system, the content store serves delivery and authoring, i.e. a blog engine; whereas with a decoupled system, has delivery and authoring as separate application, and could also be on separate infrastructures.  With a decoupled system, a publishing tool pushes content […]

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