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There is a Shift in Thought on BYOD… From Employees

By Allie Philpin How many times have you heard the phrase: “If I lost my phone, I’d lose everything!”  Or how about this one: “Everything I have is on my phone; all my contacts, emails, documents…”  If these two phrases, and others that are similar, are familiar to you, it will come as no surprise […]

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6 Steps to Making Enterprise Mobility Work for You!

By Allie Philpin As organisations become more accepting of the mobile environment – employees for a more collaborative workplace, the reduction of costs and increase in productivity, a better customer experience – they are also considering outsourcing to help them handle internal transformation and change management.  But to ensure that enterprise mobility is successful for […]

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Mobile Cloud Set to be the New Trend in 2014

By Allie Philpin 2013 saw the monumental rise of two key trends – mobile and the cloud – and these trends look set to lead the way in 2014.  In most peoples personal and business environments, we are relying on mobile more and more; with our lives become busier and busier, and our smart mobile […]

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Mobility Leading the way in ECM Transformation, According to Ovum

By Allie Philpin Research organisation, Ovum, has released a new report – 2014 Trends to Watch on Enterprise Content Management – where they identify 5 key trends that they believe will impact ECM in 2014, and leading the way is mobility with the biggest changes occurring in the delivery of content as users demand access […]

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Do Your Employees Understand the Implications of BYOD?

By Allie Philpin A friend told me the other day that his company, a 4,000-employee corporate organisation, has issued new guidelines to using personal mobile devices and any employee wishing to use their own device was to liaise with the IT department who would take their device and upload the applications relevant to their role.  […]

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Huddle Launches Content Connector; Releasing Enterprises from SharePoint?

By Allie Philpin Last month, Huddle launched Content Connector; a tool that many believe could be the turning point in Huddle’s battles against SharePoint, and a tool that could also be the beginning of the slide down for SharePoint.  Content Connector allows the seamless migration of large sets of data from Sharepoint, as well as […]

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Don’t Ignore BYOD, Advises the ISF

By Allie Philpin The independent, global information security organisation, the Information Security Forum (ISF), the risk of data loss and IP theft shows that enterprises need to ensure they have a strategy in place when it comes to mobile devices in the workplace.  The ISF, considered a leading authority on information risk management, cyber security […]

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So, you want to Implement a BYOD Policy?

Last week, we raised the subject of mobile device usage within organisations, i.e. do you really know what devices are being used, by whom, for what, and when…  So, now that you’ve discovered what devices your employees are using – many of which may be their own – you may have come to the conclusion […]

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Do You Know what Mobile Devices Your Organisation Uses?

Ask this question of any IT department and I’m sure what mobile devices they believe are used is different to the reality.  With more and more people using a range of mobile devices every day, with many using their personal smartphones and tablets to conduct business, even if it is only phone calls, most IT […]

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