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Gartner Believe Big Data will Transform Cyber Security

By Tobias Manolo Two things organisations are dealing with in today’s business world: the significant rise in Big Data they are handling, and the ever-increasing security risks and threats.  Research company, Gartner, predict that big data analytics will be crucial when it comes to discovering security breaches; with over 25% of organisations using analytics for […]

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Australian Retailers Paying the Price for Lack of Online Security

By Tobias Manolo According to a recent global security survey by Dell Software, the average Australian business is losing $593,108 per year due to security breaches.  That figure in itself is alarming; what is of even more concern is that few of those businesses neither understand nor the capabilities to ensure that their online business […]

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OSTP – Could this Lead to the Elimination of Passwords?

By Tobias Manolo Last week, the Fast IDentity Online (Fido) Alliance (an open industry consortium that delivers standards for stronger, simpler authentication) released draft technical specifications for a new authentication protocol  – the Online Security Transaction Protocol (OSTP) – that could potentially lead to the elimination of password use.  The protocol has been developed with […]

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Protect Your Company Against Hackers

By Tobias Manolo Over the past 18 months, we’ve heard the news of many a retailer suffering data loss at the hands of hackers.  In 2013, the hacker’s activities meant that over 130 million customer accounts were compromised because online security systems had failed – not happy reading for many!  And it isn’t just the […]

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Message for M2M Device Vendors… Don’t Forget Security!

By Tobias Manolo Under the increasingly broad term coined in 2013, that of ‘Internet of Things’, comes machine-to-machine (M2M) devices; it is this area that hackers are starting to focus on in 2014 and it seems that this is an area where they are most likely to succeed!  According to Rapid7, a company that specialises […]

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Identity Management’s Future may be a Little Blurred!

By Allie Philpin In days gone by, you arrived at work, logged in to a desktop computer which gave you access to the applications and data you needed to carry out your day’s work; simple, easy and familiar.  Now, with new technologies and trends including BYOD, the cloud and mobile devices entering the workplace, it’s […]

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Protection of Personally Identifiable Information is Still a Major Concern

By Tobias Manolo When it comes to big data deployments, Personally Identifiable Information (PII) protection is still a major concern due to current technology that has been designed to protect this information can’t guarantee the safety of that information.  Some businesses use PII for targeted ads, products and services, but exposing PII puts someone in […]

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New Technologies Highlight Security Vulnerability, Says Study

By Tobias Manolo A new study released last week by the Economist Intelligence Unit – Information risk: Managing digital assets in a new technology landscape – has highlighted the situation that new technologies, such as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), mobility, cloud computing and even big data, has meant that more companies are now vulnerable […]

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Are You Under-Reporting Your Data Breaches?

By Allie Philpin According to a recent study of malware analysts by Opinion Matters and ThreatTrack Security, as many as 57% of security analysts are failing to disclose the data and security breaches their company is investigating, and it’s the ‘big boys’, those with over 500 employees, that are the worst culprits with a massive […]

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Big Data Drives Lateral Thinking Over Security

By Allie Philpin I’m sure we’ve all read about (and some even experienced!) the rise in security breaches over the past few years, much of which is down to the increase in technological advancements, such as social media, cloud computing and online content management.  For IT departments and CSOs, this is becoming a big headache […]

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