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One Data Privacy Law for Europe, says VP of European Commission

By Allie Philpin Cloud computing in Europe is significantly gaining ground, which has led the Vice President of the European Commission, Viviane Reding, to call for one privacy law throughout Europe that details stronger regulations for privacy protection in her speech to the European Commission last week, titled “Data protection reform: restoring trust and building […]

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Email… We’re Still Opening those Bad Ones!

It seems we haven’t learnt our lessons when it comes to email… temptation is still too great and we’re still opening those suspicious emails!  According to Halon, and TNS Global who conducted a survey on their behalf about email security, 30% of participants admitted that they would open that email, even though they knew it […]

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6 Recommendations for Data Loss Prevention in a Mobile Environment

Whilst many of us have worries about data loss, not all of us know how to go about protecting our organisations against data loss, or how to implement a strategy in order to prevent that data loss in the first place!  With the inexorable rise of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) use, the sharing of […]

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Data Breaches… May be down to System and Human Errors

C2C, who are a leading provider of email, messaging and file management solutions, have announced that their email archiving and retention solution, ArchiveOne, now offers full mobile device support, including iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Microsoft devices, enabling users to access archived emails quickly and easily via a simple point-and-click experience. Implementing their ‘Archive Access’ […]

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