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CliQr Launches Open Cloud Enterprise App

  • By Allie Philpin 
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Leaders in cloud migration and application lifecycle management solutions, CliQr Technologies, have the launch of their CliQr App Store that provides enterprises with a platform from which they can provision applications on any cloud.  The app features a whole host of open source applications, including Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, SugarCRM, Omero, Alfresco and more.  Enterprises will be able to deploy, manage and benchmark a large collection of industry applications in multi-tiered configurations, across single or multiple public and private cloud environments.

The CliQr App Store has also been added to the CliQr CloudCenter platform, thereby simplifying the process for IT departments and professional service providers in implementing ITaaS, including one-click deployments, billing and metering capabilities.

Guarav Manglik, co-founder and CEO of CliQr, explained: “Other migration tools have taken the approach of requiring applications to conform to very diverse private and public clouds.  History has shown that this approach simply won’t scale.  CliQr’s platform flips things around, allowing clouds to provision their best-practice infrastructure and services for the app.  Portable and complete lifecycle management is the break-through approach needed for both app stores and other enterprise-class cloud computing use cases.”

By Allie Philpin

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