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Cloud Computing Carbon Cost Reduced by Trinity Research Team

  • By Allie Philpin 
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A team of researchers at Trinity has developed an algorithm that they say will reduce cloud computing carbon cost.  Called Stratus, the algorithm redistributes tasks among a range of networked data centres, thereby improving efficiency and power consumptions of cloud computing data centres that are connected to a grid.

The new algorithm works on the principle that by redistributing a workload intelligently and smartly, the power and efficiency of data centres located in a cloud environment are increased, particularly where multiple data centres are connected to store and process data.

Professor Donal O’Mahony said:  “The major goal of developing this algorithm is to see the load coming from different parts of the world, and then distribute this load intelligently to different data centres according to their instantaneous load conditions – this way, a reduction in the power consumption and efficiency in load processing would be achieved which, in return, would reduce the carbon footprints of the data centres connected together in cloud computing environment.”

Stratus reduces the average time of a request by approximately 38-40 milliseconds, which is great news for providers of cloud computing services and data centres.

By Allie Philpin

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