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Cloud Implementation goes up as Confidence in Security Gains Ground

  • By Allie Philpin 
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More and more enterprises are taking the step to invest in a cloud solution and according to a recent study conducted by IDG Enterprise, cloud investment has risen by 10% with at least half of IT budgets allocated to cloud computing over the coming two years.  And it seems that companies are growing in confidence when it comes to the big issue of information security which is driving forward the decision into cloud investment.

IDG claim that 75% of companies are confident about how secure their information is when held in the cloud.  The study found that 61% of organisations have some of their infrastructure in the cloud, with a further 29% stating that most of their IT processes will sit and operate within the cloud; and there seems to be a number of reasons justifying private or public cloud investment – faster deployment, cost savings, business continuity, mobile access, move to off-premise capabilities, and total cost of ownership (TCO).

Bob Melk, and IDG analyst, stated: “There is no single, overwhelming argument for cloud investments, but the IDG Enterprise Cloud study revealed that some justifications are more effective than others.  Both enterprise and small organisations agree that public and private clouds will provide the opportunity to lower the total cost of ownership.”

As technological capabilities become more aligned with business processes and strategy, such as  improving customer support (43%), flexibility to react to market conditions (40%) and reducing waste of resources (40%), decision-makers are beginning to believe that cloud investment can change company progress for the better.  Cloud solution providers now have opportunities in which to develop new partnerships with organisations that are considering migrating their IT operations to the cloud.  But there are two factors that vendors need to be aware of, according to IDG:

•    Organisations believe that the security of information assets stored in the cloud is a responsibility shared between the cloud provider and themselves.
•    Vendors need to address and highlight how organisations can secure these assets, and reduce organisational costs.

IDG’s study predicts that despite the private cloud model being the most popular, the next couple of years will see growth in all models of cloud technology as organisations strive for business continuity.

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