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Cloud Platform Launched by Teradata

  • By Allie Philpin 
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A leader in data analytics and Big Data solutions and services, Teradata has launched their new Teradata Cloud platform that enables their products and services to be operated off-premise.  Customers will also be able to purchase their range of data management and database services payable on a monthly basis, so they don’t have to make an up-front investment in hardware.

Launched at their conference in Dallas, Scott Gnau, Teradata’s president, said: “It’s all of the feature functionality of Teradata that our customers know and love.  This is an additional choice – not of best-of-breed technology but really a choice of how our customers deploy and consume all that Teradata has.”

Incorporated within the cloud platform is their Aster Discovery Platform data base service, and their data management software that is based on Hadoop’s Open Source platform.  With demand for cloud-based analytics rising, making Teradata’s new offering timely within the industry.

Netflix, the TV and movie streaming service, has chosen to use Teradata’s Cloud platform in order to analyse the masses of data points that have been created by their global users, all 37 million of them!  Kurt Brown, Director of Platforms and Netflix said: “We will use Teradata Cloud as our database platform for high concurrency and mixed workloads, which require sophisticated integration and processing at extremely high speeds.  With hundreds of analysts examining billions of data points, we felt that Teradata best met our needs for workload management, scalability and concurrent users.”

Teradata Cloud is only available in the US to date.

By Allie Philpin

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