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Data Breaches… May be down to System and Human Errors

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C2C, who are a leading provider of email, messaging and file management solutions, have announced that their email archiving and retention solution, ArchiveOne, now offers full mobile device support, including iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Microsoft devices, enabling users to access archived emails quickly and easily via a simple point-and-click experience.

Implementing their ‘Archive Access’ feature via open standards, such as Web Services, XML and HTML, the solution has been designed and developed so that users of mobile devices don’t have to change the way they use in email in order to access archived data. Key features of ArchiveOne include:

•    Full end user transparency.
•    Complete support for any mobile device.
•    Access to archived email data from any location.
•    Simple click-and-access workflow.
•    No need to change the way users access email.

Dave Hunt, CEO of C2C, says, “Today’s business users are on the go and need to access their email data anywhere and anytime.  Our ArchiveOne email archiving solution was designed to be as transparent to end users as possible, so that employees can work without limitations on data access.  No matter what device an end user is using, or where they are located – in the office, at home or on the road – users have complete control and access over their valued email data without changing the way they are used to working.”

A proven solution in the marketplace for archiving and retention, as well as the growing area of eDiscovery of emails and files, ArchiveOne also provides a series of advanced features for compliance management, storage management and intellectual property containment.  The solution takes no more than an hour to install and employs a Zero-Training User Design™ providing complete user transparency.

On top of this, ArchiveOne delivers secure access to archived email data using mobile devices and through the web/web service technologies for employees that are working off-site.  Via advanced PST management, administrators are able to search, delete or consolidate PST files.  The solution is flexible and easily scalable, yet minimises risk, as well as improving the speed of backups and system usage.

ArchiveOne is available on a 30-day trial and live online demonstrations are accessible via C2C’s website –

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