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DIGIPASS 770 Has Cronto-Based Visual Authentication and Transaction Signing Tools

  • By Allie Philpin 
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VASCO Data Security International, Inc., global leaders in authentication, electronic signatures and identity management, announced this week that the DIGIPASS 770 authenticator now has Cronto-based visual authentication and transaction signing capabilities incorporated, using an encrypted colour QR code to protect against cyberattacks.

A hand-held, compact authenticator, the DIGIPASS 770 features a colour display, PIN protection, keypad and built-in camera and includes a range of VASCO’s Cronto solutions enabling banks to protect against online fraud, such as social engineering threats, phishing and Man-in-the-Middle attacks, through the use of customer login and transaction authorisation.

With the inclusion of visual transaction signing, less user interaction is needed to login and verify a transaction.  Users point their Cronto-enabled device at their screen and the QR code is automatically captured allowing the encrypted transaction details to be communicated between the customer and the bank via a secure channel.

Jan Valcke, President and COO of VASCO Data Security, said: “With the introduction of the DIGIPASS 770, we now have a full portfolio of Cronto solutions positioned to address every segment of our banking customers’ needs.”  He added: “We have enjoyed significant success with our Cronto solutions and our newest solution should allow us to expand the market further.”

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