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Digital, Mailroom, Mobile, Intelligent Capture – ZONE SE7EN Present their Document Imaging and Capture

Digital, mailroom automation, mobile and cloud, Intelligent Document Capture, 3D scanning – the way we handle documents and information has changed significantly over the past year, it is no longer a paper-only exercise. Document Imaging and Capture is ZONE SE7EN’s latest event in our 2015 Insight Zone series. Through informative Executive Interview and our virtual Roundtable videos with leading experts and thought-leaders within the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Document Management (DM) industry, we provide you with the answers you’re seeking.

We invited experts from EMC, Lexmark, Kodak Alaris, IBM and Top Image Systems asking them those all-important document imaging and capture questions, gathering an insight into how the marketplace has changed and moved forward, the way the use of mobile devices and the cloud has changed how we capture and analyse documents and information from a variety of different sources, and discover the impact on mailrooms, traditionally a paper-based environment.

The Insight Zone’s Executive Interviews reveal exclusive insights into document imaging and capture. For example, what needs to be considered if you’re planning on using apps to capture data; what are benefits of a mailroom automation solution; why has intelligent capture become popular for capturing data and what are the benefits of an intelligent document capture solution; is 3D scanning a viable option for business users; can we capture data via mobile devices efficiently, and how do we keep this data secure and compliant with regulatory requirements.

We’ve tapped in to our experts’ knowledge to provide you with the information and resources to help you better understand your industry, enabling you to make that all-important decision by being better informed.

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