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DreamFactory Integrates REST API with Intel IoT Gateway

  • By Allie Philpin 
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DreamFactory Software has announced that they are integrating their REST API backend with the Intel IoT Gateway in order to help developers access and process the backend data used by Internet of Things devices more easily.

DreamFactory’s REST API backend is built to work with Intel’s Internet of Things Solutions Alliance, a group with more than 400 members including Dell, ADLINK and Portwell who offer scalable solutions for OEMs to use embedded applications.  This latest service from DreamFactory will help developers extend their reach.  In addition, companies interested in IoT uses that have asked how to integrate and network the numbers of devices need to utilise IoT to its full capability and this new integration enables IoT standards consortiums and working groups to create unifying rules for the use of IoT.

The REST API backend delivers an interface that provides a unified experience when developing a range of devices that Intel has in their IoT loadout, and DreamFactory want to make IoT more reachable for consumer, commercial and industrial entities.

Bill Appleton, co-founder and CEO of DreamFactory, said: “We share a vision for relieving developers of time spent on building custom interfaces so they can more rapidly build applications that put IoT data to work for both businesses and end users.”

The new interface has been developed with consideration for RESTful applications, encouraging users to build their applications capable of attaching to other web services, and this level of open integration will allow businesses to grow around their IoT devices.

With DreamFactory serving as a REST API backend, application development time and effort are greatly reduced compared to building custom APIs:

– Ease of set-up.  Any HTTP-capable device can be connected to DreamFactory.

– Flexibility.  To store and process sensor data in whatever data store is needed, including object storage, semi-structured NoSQL databases, and SQL databases.

– Security.  DreamFactory provides advanced authentication and role-based access controls to data sources and associated tables.

Chris Tacke, CTO of FramTack LLC, commented: “The DreamFactory REST API backend saves us from having to build custom APIs and complex server-side software to interface with cloud services and application databases.  With DreamFactory, we can create, collect, aggregate and cloud-publish data from any device or machine, with complete flexibility to read and write to any cloud, and to connect that data with different cloud services.  This dramatically shortens our prototyping and development phases.”

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