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EMC Launch New XtremIO Tools for Data Storage Copies

  • By Allie Philpin 
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At this week’s Oracle Open World, EMC announced the launch of new technology for their XtremIO flash solution that will place data storage copies in-memory, consolidated backup copies as well as cutting costs and data sprawl.

Integrated Copy Data Management, or iCDM, is being initially aimed at existing XtremIO customers who already have the solution embedded in their system, and it is being used to consolidate SAP and Oracle databases, and for application development.

With IDC estimating that 60% of all data storage is a copy that would be used for backup, disaster recovery, maintenance and development, the new tool is being pitched to administrators and data centre heads to enable them to reduce the number of copies kept.

Traditionally, database copies are contained in secondary storage systems but EMC believe copies should be in primary storage systems, allowing enterprise to make copies from production using application and performance integration, thereby reducing costs.

Sonny Aulakh, Global Vice President of Technical Operations for XtremIO, said: “iCDM puts all copies in memory so there’s no network or back-end operation to complete.  Every copy is space efficient and only new blocks are used on a storage array.”


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