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IoT – Security, IAM, M2M, Connectivity & Hardware

22 November 2016
12:00 PM - 5:00 PM

The Clubhouse, 8 St James's Square, London, SW1Y 4JU


IoT – Security, IAM, M2M, Connectivity & Hardware

Market: Europe

As the Internet of Things approach grows, so does the concept Machine-to-Machine (M2M) learning. But what’s the difference between them and why does one need the other?  The more devices that become digitally connected, the more we need better security practices and identity access management capabilities.

IoT and M2M; break them down and yes, there are similarities but where M2M utilises network resources in order to communicate with remote applications in order to control and monitor the environment, IoT takes it a step further and interconnects smart devices in the digital world. Add Internet protocols to M2M and it becomes a division of IoT, delivering enhanced vertical and horizontal visibility.  But with the expansion of IoT, the need to protect company data and IP is as important as ever – security needs to be at the core of any IoT solution, as does managing the identities of users and consumers.

ZONE SE7EN will investigate the growth of IoT and its close relationship with M2M, discuss the differences and the similarities between the two concepts, review the impact of digital transformation and wearables on IoT, look at the key features of IoT, M2M, securing IoT devices and their respective operating systems, and identity access management for IoT users and consumers.

Areas covered include:


• The need for a common set of standards to help govern the growing need for IoT security.
• Cloud-based IoT platforms and connected devices.
• The rise of Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) as part of the IoT network.
• Adopting data-led devices to solve real time issues. Listening to customers and developing devices that are data-led to solve real-time issues.
• Securing multiple points of vulnerability for all IoT devices to protect data and identities against cyber threats.
• Why manufacturers of IoT devices and products, and the providers of the gateways that connect IoT devices, need to incorporate stronger security measures.
• The need for better identity access management for IoT devices and products to protect users and consumers against cyber threats and malicious malware.

Our Speakers

Allie Philpin
Moderator, ZONE SE7EN
Bernt Ostergaard
Service Director, Quocirca
Richard Marshall
Plenary Group Chair, IoT Security Foundation

Who Should Attend


Industries: Manufacturing, Healthcare, Wearables, Telecommunications, Automotive, Government, Energy, Transportation, Logistics, Education, M2M, Consumer Goods, Banking & Finance and Insurance.

black-male-user-symbol_318-60703.png CIOs, CISOs, CSOs, COOs, CTOs, Security & Risk Management, Business/IT security Alignment, IT/OT Security Integration, Heads of IAM, IAM Architects, Security Architects, Network Operators, Governance and Policy Setting, Heads of Connected Cars, Heads of Connected Homes, Heads of Data Science, DevOps Architects/Management, IoT Developers, IT Developers, Government Officials, Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery Managers, Governance, Data and Device Management, Risk Managers, Big Data Managers/Directors,  Network Security Managers, Security Executives and Directors


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