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Securing The Mobile Workforce

7 December 2016
12:00 PM - 5:00 PM

The Clubhouse, 8 St James's Square, London, SW1Y 4JU


Securing The Mobile Workforce

Market: Europe

The business world is becoming a mobile world – smartphones, tablets, PDAs; many businesses have welcomed the use of mobile devices into their environments, but with that adoption come the challenges of managing corporate data, security risks and access management.

Mobility brings improved productivity, increased flexibility, ease and speed of access to corporate data, but it also brings mobile malware, decisions on who has what access and when, managing multiple platforms, integrating existing applications and IT infrastructure, protecting against data breaches, loss of devices and unauthorised access. But mobility isn’t going away; it’s a trend that is growing exponentially and will become more complicated as mobile devices become more technical.

ZONE SE7EN will investigate the parameters of securing mobile data, identity access management and BYOD policies within workplace. We will talk user behaviour and how to get your staff on board in keeping corporate data secure, discussing multi-level authorisations, digital certificates and data control policies, and how the use of application containers is helping organisations manage not only their corporate data but also access management.

Areas covered include:


• Taking the prevention of mobile malware beyond just the PC and into the mobile environment.
• Securing your mobile network encompassing BYOD, access management controls, regulating apps accessed via the network, locking and wiping mobile devices.
• Implementing an IT strategy to ensure updates are carried out in a timely manner, including covering security gaps and vulnerabilities.
• Developing a mobile device security policy.
• Mobile threat prevention and endpoint security.
• The challenges of protecting corporate data.
• Enabling a flexible, productive mobile workforce.
• Integrating mobile security tools with existing mobile device management (MDM) solutions
• The use of apps and third-party software in the mobile workspace.
• The benefits of advanced network policy management tools.
• Developing a mobile device security policy.
• What’s the best security: Two-factor authentication, PIN numbers or biometrics?
• Automating secure user workflows.

Our Speakers

Allie Philpin
Moderator, ZONE SE7EN
Amar Singh
CEO & Founder, Cyber Management Alliance
Rob Bamforth
Principal Analyst, Quocirca
David Jones
VP of European Operations, AIIM Europe
Nick Francis
Director, Digital & Mobile Consulting, StrataPrime

Who Should Attend


black-male-user-symbol_318-60703.png Security & Risk Leaders: CIOs, CISOs, CSO, CROs, COO, CTOs, Security Architects, Infosecurity Leaders, Service Delivery Directors, Network Security Managers, IT Risk Managers, IT GRC Managers, Cyber Security Managers, Heads of Mobility, Heads of IT Security, Heads of Security, Heads of User Access, Heads of Risk, IS Security Managers – Architects: Network Architects, Enterprise Architects, Technical Architects, Solution Architects, Application Architects, Infrastructure Architects, Identity Architects – IT Leaders: IT Manager (Devices), Application Managers, I&O Leader, UX Managers, IT Service Managers, System Analysts – IAM Leaders: IAM Program Leads, IAM Architects, IAM Planners, IAM Consultants, Access Managers, Access Control Analysts, Heads of Identity, Identity & Information Assurance, Data Managers

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Past Speaker


Farhad Ghoreishi, Network Solutions Business Manager, HP

Farhad is currently managing marketing for HP Networking in EMEA. In this role, he oversees HP’s GTM strategy for driving the HP Networking business, communications and messaging in order to promote HP’s network-enabled solutions. He is also the
manager of the HP Networking Customer Experience Centre in EMEA, where every year, hundreds of customers are hosted and view the HP and HP Networking solutions for the Cloud, Big Data, Infrastructure Virtualisation and Mobility including BYOD.
During his career with HP since 1994, Farhad has held a number of positions in R&D, Presales, Product Marketing, Marketing and Business Development Management as well as Sales Enablement. He has held responsibilities in the PC, Server and Networking businesses.
Prior to HP, Farhad worked in the Medical Instrumentation industry in the United Kingdom where he comes from. Farhad has a B.Sc. in Electronic Engineering and holds a Ph.D. in Medical Electronics from the University of Kent in Canterbury, UK.

We hear Farhad’s thoughts on ways in which their Enterprise Mobility solution can improve access to business processes, systems and applications, and HP’s recommendations for protecting data on mobile devices so that the right people have the right access they need.

We also learn about Enterprise Mobility’s three elements – Connect, Converge and Control – how the solution provides a more balanced, holistic view of mobility, and the advantages for today’s business.


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