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Welcome to ZONE SE7EN’s Insight Zone, your live events platform delivering informative live roundtables, online post-event video content, keynote speeches, Q&A’s, one-on-one meetings, thought leadership sessions and networking opportunities designed to reach and engage with decision makers on a number of levels. With education and business facilitation being two of our core focus areas, our events provide a great opportunity not just for open discussion, but also the benefit of forming new business relationships.

Through our diverse schedule of events, we highlight Information Technology (IT) solutions, products and services creating more effective working systems, increasing profitability, improving ease of use and reducing the complexities of a business environment. Our events facilitate fascinating industry debate and provide valuable networking opportunities, actively encouraging businesses to connect with each other.

We work with IT vendors and professionals, as well as leading analysts, experts and thought-leaders within the IT industry ensuring that you gain informative, inspiring, reliable live content that speaks your language! We understand how important the realities are for CIOs and key decision makers. ZONE SE7EN’s events feature insightful thought leadership sessions and dynamic roundtables focusing on real business and discussing relevant, practical topics that are close to your heart, examining shared problems and cutting edge solutions with different industry leaders, and debating key development areas, empowering attendees and sponsors to bring real, tangible benefits and implement innovation to their organisations.

Whatever your industry – healthcare, financial, utilities, education, government, retail, manufacturing and more – our events will highlight what to avoid and what to adopt within the IT industry; take note of the potential pitfalls and the top tips; find the resources and information vital to your decision-making process; begin to understand your industry’s landscape and engage the customer using big data; find out what you need to know to deliver increased productivity, collaborative business processes, and a mobile environment.

With limited spaces, ZONE SE7EN’s Insight Zone events offer the perfect opportunity to communicate and engage with your personal, targeted audience in real time, a truly unique and exciting opportunity to connect and collaborate with your potential clients. With limited sponsorship positions and delegate spaces available, you can be sure that great coverage and enhanced interaction targeted to tailored audiences and specific industries is achieved.

Attendees are in the enviable position of participating in lively discussions, Q&A’s as well as one-on-one exclusive meetings with solution providers, ensuring they receive first-hand knowledge of the latest IT technological breakthroughs.

ZONE SE7EN’s live events bring together industry thought-leaders to discuss a range of topics – data and information management, enterprise communications, Internet of Things, security, mobility, cloud and storage – offering you an insight into their valuable databank of knowledge and experience – no frills, no fanfare, just honest, intelligent, real-world, informed discussions.


Post Event Content

Video is a very powerful medium; each of our events are recorded in a high quality and engaging format. ZONE SE7EN’s online Insight Zone platform is an exciting, unique and interactive way to deliver key aspects covered by our live events to our wider online audience.

Available online and as a digital magazine, our exclusive post-event video content brings you the highlights of roundtable discussions available for a wider audience to view and gather valuable information. Via our online Insight Zone platform we bring you the interesting, thought-provoking, engaging highlights of the live Roundtable discussion and exclusive one-on-one interviews, ensuring you are better informed about the IT industry.

ZONE SE7EN brings the voice of leaders in their field of the wider elements of IT, gaining the inside track on the highs and lows, the latest developments and research, and their predictions for the future; information that will add value to your business.


Call For Speakers

We are currently accepting speaker submissions for a number of topics across our 2016 schedule of Insight Zone events. If you are interested in speaking at one of our events contact us via our contact page here.


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