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Flash? SSD? Hybrid? What Storage Solution Is Right For Me?

  • By Allie Philpin 
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ZONE SE7EN launch their next virtual event in their Insight Zone 2015 series, focusing on the Storage of your data. At ZONE SE7EN, we gathered experts and key industry thought-leaders, asking them the questions you wanted to ask and delivering informative, intuitive answers to help with those all-important Data Storage decisions.

Insight Zone’s virtual Executive Interviews and Roundtable asks those tough questions about Data Storage: All-Flash Array, hybrid or a traditional solution? Are techniques such as deduplication, thin provisioning and auto tiering important? How do I incorporate my mobile workforce? What is the impact of cloud on Data Storage? Why does Flash storage give me greater scalability and capacity? Is it better to combine storage solutions into a hybrid system?

Ryan Sayre at EMC tells us about the benefits of a hybrid Flash Data Storage solution: “Being able to have a gradient, a combination of the two, means you can leverage and take the best of both worlds.”

Till Stimberg from HP explains why their Flash storage solution may be different to others in the marketplace: “Our architecture is ready to address the current requirements and to take you into the next area of Flash.”

Matt Watts at NetApp helps us understand the principal differences between hybrid and Flash storage: “All-Flash probably has a lower level of latency but comes with compromises; hybrid storage offers extremely high performance but very rich data management capabilities.”

Alex McMullan from Pure Storage explains why he believes there will be an All-Flash data centre in the future: “There are several view points on whether storage manufacturing can keep up with the rate of disk and Flash manufacturing; from Pure’s perspective, it’s a yes.”

Paul Silver at Tegile tells us how they are competing against the more established storage vendors: “We are able to provide new and innovative technologies, and better, more efficient adaptability that the bigger vendors can’t take advantage of…”

All Executive Interview videos and the informative, virtual Data Storage Roundtable discussion is available to view online from today. Register FREE via ZONE SE7EN’s Insight Zone here to receive exclusive access, or by using the form below:


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