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Forget MDM, Says Gartner; it’s Now EMM (or MTM!)

  • By Allie Philpin 
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By Allie Philpin

We’ve just got used to MDM and now we’re being told to forget that; today’s it’s all about EMM… or is MTM?  So many acronyms you’d be forgiven for struggling to keep up!  Let’s clarify: MDM is Mobile Device Management; EMM is the new term for MDM and stands for Enterprise Mobility Management; and then comes the latest one – MTM, which translates to Mobile Trust Management… still with us?

Gartner, in their Enterprise Mobility Management Magic Quadrant (that’s EMM, by the way) named AirWatch as leaders in MDM (yes, Mobile Device Management) – no wonder it’s confusing when you’ve got a leading research company is using both terms!  But then again, they have to; most businesses and organisations are only just getting to grips with the mobile workforce and recognising that they need to develop an effective MDM program as part of their BYOD (yes, another acronym!) deployment in order to maintain control of the number of different mobile devices – be they corporate or personal devices – being used by their workforces.

But Gartner leads another way again in their latest statement declaring that “MDM is in fact dead”.  And it’s not surprising considering the focus is now shifting significantly to mobile security; how can organisations and businesses manage and secure their data on mobile devices?  Are we looking at strict guidelines in managing devices and users?  Or is it going more of the way of containerisation, or even Mobile App Management (MAM to all you acronym lovers!) and Network Access Management (NAM)?

In our recent Insight Zone Data Security event, we talked to industry leaders in mobile device security – CA Technologies, CheckPoint, Dell and RSA – and much of the discussion focused on not so much managing the actual devices, but on managing the content and applications held on those devices.  Companies are now starting to consider identity and access management solutions that allow IT departments to apply the right privileges and authorisation to the right users, allowing them to access only the corporate data and applications they need to fulfil their roles.  Then there’s single sign-on (SSO) technology that is able to deliver a better user experience and they only need to remember one set of login and password.  Combine these solutions with built-in encryption and remote wipe capabilities, and you are securing your corporate data and applications far more efficiently, no matter what mobile device is being used.

Whichever solution or option you plump for, it comes down to one thing that incorporates all these aspects; the management of enterprise mobility and devices, controlling who has access to what, where and when, educating and trusting your workforce to use their mobile devices professionally and securely.


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    Reply Ron Leeman, 21 June 2014

    Where did you get the tla MTM (Mobile Trust Management) from Allie? I have been using the term for some time now in answers to many blogs and also in LinkedIn discussions related to “the new kid on the block” … Pradeo (look out for Gartner’s Mobile Application Security). Pradeo’s products encompass MDM, MIM, MAM and MDP, have incorporated 24 of the industry leading Virus checkers, are the only products that are able to analyse Apps from both a Static (internal source code application binaries) and a Dynamic (running state) perspective and all this in real time. This is what makes them different and they are the only company in the world that does this through their patented Trust Revealing engine.

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    Reply Terry Wilcox, 22 June 2014

    Think you will find that Gartner has borrowed the MTM term from Pradeo who are in their magic quadrant for mobile security as they use a revolutionary Trust revealing engine and offer a complete EMM system. If you need more info on this, please let me know … thanks Terry

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