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Gartner Believe Big Data will Transform Cyber Security

  • By Tobias Manolo 
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By Tobias Manolo

Two things organisations are dealing with in today’s business world: the significant rise in Big Data they are handling, and the ever-increasing security risks and threats.  Research company, Gartner, predict that big data analytics will be crucial when it comes to discovering security breaches; with over 25% of organisations using analytics for a minimum of one fraud detection case by 2016.

Vice President and analyst at Gartner, Avivah Litan, believes that big data analytics will provide enterprises with quicker access to their data, allowing them to combine internal and external information so that they are able to view the bigger picture when it comes to security threats.  The more timely information that can be gathered, faster than previously, the more likely an organisation is able to detect fraud and cyber-crime.

The increase in big data analytical solutions will bring about change in computer security, including authentication, network monitoring and authorisation, governance and compliance, identity management and fraud detection.  It will also change the way organisations deal with their existing anti-malware, firewall and data loss prevention security controls.

Gartner recommend an holistic approach; making sure their cyber security strategies are tailored to the organisation’s specific potential risks and threats.  By collecting and collating information from big data sourced from a variety of sources, and in a range of formats.  A big data analytical solution – a single architecture – helps organisations to analyse and share the information, and key areas to consider are user profiles, unusual transactions and other entities.  Investing in solutions and products that take an agile-based approach, rather than static tools, to address threats to content security is something that should be an ongoing process.

However, it is also important that IT departments and teams that look after the organisation’s security are not only knowledgeable, but able to handle the results from big data analysis.  Whilst data scientists specialise in this area, they come at a price and the few that are available are in high demand.  Investment in your staff’s skills in analytics could pay dividends in the future.

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