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GLC and DocSolid Work Together to Integrate the KwikTag Legal Scanning Solution

GLC Business Services has partnered with DocSolid, leaders in enterprise document scanning solutions for the legal industry, in order to integrate the scanning solution, KwikTag® Legal, with GLC’s facilities and records management services.  GLC will be able to offer KwikTag Legal, system administration and any relevant labour in order to digitally capture incoming paper content, which will to GLC’s clients being able to reduce the costs usually associated with paper records, as well as being able to integrate image capture with Autonomy iManage, Worldox, Open Text eDOCS, Elite, NetDocuments and Aderant systems.

A patented process, KwikTag Legal, means that it is more productive and easier for attorneys, paralegals and legal secretaries to profile their paper documents directly into the document management system, and tag with a barcode label.  KwikBaskets™ enables the regular pickup of tagged documents, as well as document disposition, QC and scanning services, so that frontline employees work with the images of documents rather than the documents themselves.

DocSolid specialises in supplying scanning and document imaging solutions for the legal industry at enterprise-level that help them streamline their business processes, leading to less paper in the office environment.  By integrating with other legal solutions, such as Open Text eDOCS, Autonomy iManage and NetDocuments, DocSolid are well-placed to develop simple, productive ways to reduce the reliance on paper.

By combining talents with GLC, DocSolid are able to gain experience and knowledge on the process of enterprise scanning and custom workflows, so that they can provide better solutions to manage office paper and the back office support services.  Steve Irons, DocSolid’s president, said: “KwikTag can be a game changer to companies committed to cutting paper costs.”  GLC is then able to offer law firms electronic records management solutions encompassing document and records management, and mail services.

A solution like KwikTag, once integrated into an enterprise’s business processes, can significantly provide value for any company, and scanning is an optimal method of reducing the amount of paper within facilities management, records management and archiving.  KwikTag Legal essentially simplifies the scanning process and provides self-scanning options which can work with any multifunction printer, scanner or copier on the organisation’s network so that it becomes a one-touch stack scanning service.

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