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Google Drops Their Price for Cloud Computing and Storage Services

  • By Allie Philpin 
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Google has announced huge price drops in their cloud computing services, as well as reducing the complexity of their pricing levels by consolidating and eliminating some charges in order to simplify their pricing structure.  There has been as much as a 32% drop in some regions for their Compute Engine, and 30% for their App Engine prices.

When it comes to cloud storage, prices have dropped even further, by a massive 68% per gigabyte.   However, the cost for their Cloud Datastore and Cloud SQL haven’t changed… as yet, but many expect prices for these services to also drop.

However, the biggest drop in prices has been for Google’s BigQuery database service for big data analysis – this has seen a reduction by as much as 85%.  Prices of public cloud solutions have reduced gradually over the past few years, by around 6-8% per annum; yet the costs of hardware has fallen more significantly, by up to 45% annually.

Greg DeMichillie, Director of Product for the Cloud Platform at Google, said:  It’s certainly true that there is more to the cloud than just hardware.  We are trying to rest this industry’s prices back to where they should’ve been if they had followed Moore’s law.”

In addition, Google are now planning on delivering platform discounts for developers when using hardware over long periods of time.  For example, developers using ComputeEngine for a longer period than a few weeks 24/7 will see price drops of more than 50%, and these discounts will start automatically.

By Allie Philpin

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