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Hitachi Introduce Mobile Access to their IAM System

  • By Allie Philpin 
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Hitachi ID Systems has released a new version of their Identity and Access Management Suite offering mobile access via Android and iOS platforms.  Version 9.0 improves automated access remediate for the user as well as an improved user interface but the key new aspect is the launch of Hitachi ID Mobile Access.

Idan Shoham, CTO at Hitachi ID commented in a statement that users are accessing corporate networks via mobile devices on an ever-increasing basis but as these devices are not usually connected to the corporate VPN or Wi-Fi, connectivity can be an issue.  Hitachi’s new Mobile Access capability will allow users to connect without the need to be linked to the corporate network using a scanned QR code for security and via a cloud-based proxy service.

As BYOD becomes far more prevalent within the workplace and the fact that mobile devices used in this environment can create new security vulnerabilities, using a QR code is a big security measure to mitigate those risks and whilst it may not be as effective as some security measures by others, such as Tactivo’s smart cases for mboile devices, it is a significant step forward for many companies that operate BYOD programmes.

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