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HotDocs Launches Cloud-Based Document Generation Platform

  • By Allie Philpin 
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HotDocs Ltd, leaders in document generation software, has announced the release of their new cloud-based platform for embedding their automated document generation technologies into an organisation’s business process systems, including business process management-defined workflow and corporate websites.

HotDocs Cloud Services enables customers to integrate HotDocs latest features without the need for upgrades, yet enhancing their corporate systems and improving their business capabilities.  There is a toolbox of integration applications to aid the rapid deployment of templates into web, cloud and on-premise applications, including the ability to transmit data between web applications and the document generation engine without having to store sensitive data in the cloud long-term.  Bryan Baily, director of SaaS products at HotDocs, summarised: “The scope and scale of HotDocs Cloud Services is immense.  The most exciting aspect is the integration capability.  Any organisation can embed our document generation technologies within their existing or planned business process systems, providing a clear path for accurately producing the appropriate documentation for easy monitoring and governance of customer and supplier management.”

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