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Huddle Launches Content Connector; Releasing Enterprises from SharePoint?

  • By Allie Philpin 
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By Allie Philpin

Last month, Huddle launched Content Connector; a tool that many believe could be the turning point in Huddle’s battles against SharePoint, and a tool that could also be the beginning of the slide down for SharePoint.  Content Connector allows the seamless migration of large sets of data from Sharepoint, as well as other enterprise content management (ECM) systems, into a secure cloud managed by Huddle, and could potentially release enterprises and governmental organisations from the complicated management and upgrading of SharePoint deployments and legacy solutions.

There are many organisations worldwide that have enterprise content management solutions that don’t serve their purpose effectively in today’s business world, and for some it is not possible to implement a complete SharePoint solution.  Huddle’s new tool is able to provide a secure, quick alternative to a next generation content collaboration platform, allowing the workforce to access and share file across devices using technology that enhances collaboration and mobility.  Content Connector helps to regenerate the ECM system and delivers collaborative capabilities that enable syncing with SharePoint, so that workers have access to knowledge and content management, and archived documents.

Content Connector’s easy to use point-and-click interface allows enterprises and government organisations not only to migrate their data from SharePoint into Huddle, but is another option to upgrading to SharePoint 2013, which can be costly, and difficult!  The tool also allows files to be moved back into legacy storage solutions for archiving, and to ensure that compliance requirements are met. More and more enterprises are moving over to mobile, social and the cloud as a way of improving productivity and cost efficiencies.

Alastair Mitchell, CEO at Huddle, explained: “SharePoint is too clunky and complex for people to use, costs thousands of dollars to implement and often takes six months to test, let alone install, a new version.  SharePoint’s just too dated to meet the demands of today’s businesses and SharePoint Online gives people the same headaches as the on-premise service.  The Huddle Content Connector takes the pain out of moving to the cloud, so companies can now benefit from intuitive and flexible technology, far shorter upgrade cycles, mobile and external working.  It’s time to move into the new world of work.”

Key advantages of Huddle in comparison to SharePoint include:

•    Collaboration across firewalls, allowing access, sharing and collaboration externally, yet securely.
•    Higher adoption rates, guaranteed with Huddle’s Adoption Guarantee.
•    Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with a multi-tenanted cloud architecture that reduces TCO within the organisation without the cost outlay for servers, customisation and extra licenses.
•    Quick deployment, taking only days rather than weeks or months.

Huddle also has a range of social features that enhances work better communication within your business environment, internally and externally.

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