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IBM SoftLayer Launches VPN Direct Link

  • By Allie Philpin 
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The cloud IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) provider, IBM SoftLayer, has made it possible for users to open a direct VPN (virtual private network) link to their data centres for a secure, private link to the cloud, joining companies such as Microsoft Azure and AWS in offering this type of service.

Direct Link is comparable to other solutions in that it has been developed to help reduce customer costs, delivery higher performance consistency, extend IT infrastructures and deliver a secure hybrid cloud platform.  By creating a direct link between the IBM SoftLayer cloud and a customer’s IT environment, it is quicker and easier to connect and transfer data to the cloud’s data centre.

CTO of IBM SoftLayer, Matt Chilek, said: “Direct Link is a service designed to give users more flexibility in the way they build out their cloud infrastructures.  It helps create a VPN to the cloud, whereby customers can send workloads and data directly to one of our global data centres, rather than using the public Internet.  It extends infrastructure investments by allowing users to move into the cloud on their terms.”

IBM say the new high-speed connection directly connects into SoftLayer’s platform from a data centre, colocation facility or office to provide customers with a greater number of options when building out cloud environments.   IBM’s goal is to be able to allow customers to use the SoftLayer cloud as though it was on a local area network (LAN), so full integration of cloud services and internal applications is possible.  Direct Link also provides quicker network speeds, provide higher security, and lowers latencies.

By Allie Philpin

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