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Improving Your Print Management Capabilities with Equitrac® Software

With the current squeeze on the financial resources of many businesses worldwide – small and large – managing costs has become of paramount concern.  One area many businesses are focusing on is their print management, not only in the respect of cost savings, but also its impact on the environment.

As businesses struggle to control their print environments, as well as find comprehensive, flexible ways of better managing all areas of print, one company has developed print management software that is innovative, simple to use, yet deliver security.  Nuance Communications, Inc. has released new versions of Equitrac® print management software that includes I-QueueTM and Hybrid Print ControlTM.

Print management isn’t just about your printed documents; it takes in a much wider collection of functions within your organisation: stock control, distribution of printed material, procurement and storage.  Print management covers not just those tangible products – business cards, boxes, sales brochures, mouse mats, USB sticks – it also covers your electronic capabilities and web design.  Managing your print solutions can be a complicated process and often businesses need help in understanding the impact of their print activity, and how to manage it.

Equitrac Office® and Equitrac Express® are print management software solutions and may just be what your business is looking for in helping you to save costs and time, improve document security, and find new ways to enhance print activity.  According to Holly Muscolino at Nuance, the new versions of Equitrac have been developed to specifically address the many different aspects of print management today – BYOD, non-standard hardware, user mobility, increased demand on IT for better print infrastructures using existing technologies, greater efficiency and control.

A key addition to the new versions is the I-Queue feature which allows people to print documents directly, without the need to push those print jobs through any print servers.  Instead, individual user desktops handle print jobs, saving costs and potentially reducing traffic through the network by as much as 50%.  And if you’re thinking that each desktop is going to have to store their print drivers, think again.  A ‘driver store’ contains all the necessary print drivers for the on-site devices – all IT needs to do is make sure that the print drivers are kept up-to-date.

The Hybrid Print Control® technology within Equitrac gives users a choice within a single print management platform that supports server-based environments, and there is also better printing for mobile devices that is secure via Equitrac’s web release function that utilises a web browser.  A simple workflow, known as Follow-You Printing, can be displayed on mobile devices that detail the print jobs and a list of printers; select the printer or scan a printer QR code to select the right device… it’s as simple as that!

These Equitrac solutions are easy to integrate, increase productivity and delivers a high level of security and control via a web-based system manager.  Not only are there cost and production savings, but Equitrac also results in environmental benefits including less tree consumption, less CO2 and a better ecological footprint.

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