August 2014, Cloud

Executive Interviews


Jes Breslaw

Director of Cloud Solutions, EMEA

Jes Breslaw

CA Technologies

Paul Ferron

Security Solutions Director, EMEA

Paul Ferron

Hyland, creator of OnBase

David Jones

Cloud Solution Marketing Manager

David Jones


Andrew Fryer

Technical Evangelist, Developer & Platform Group

Andrew Fryer


Frédéric Vadon

Presales Engineer

Frederic Vadon


Clive Longbottom

Chief Research Analyst

We talked to Clive why the cloud is probably more secure than many people realise, despite current levels of concern, and whether a cloud solution is the right answer for SMEs looking to manage their content more effectively.

We ask if current cloud architectures, platforms and applications are robust enough to handle the rising volumes of data, Clive’s tips in ensuring your organisation is ready to deploy to a cloud solution, and the challenges you may face.

View Clive’s Executive Interview to gather a research analyst’s valuable insight into the Cloud.

Cloud Roundtable Discussion

Read the Full Length Roundtable Discussion here

Welcome to ZONE SE7EN’s Cloud Virtual Roundtable.

We talked to thought leaders in the Cloud industry to gather their knowledge about key trends and technological aspects in today’s marketplace – cloud infrastructure and service models including PaaS, IaaS and SaaS; private, public or hybrid cloud; storing data in the cloud, it’s accessibility and security; the pitfalls in cloud migration; the impact of BYOD and mobility on the cloud environment; cloud security and meeting regulatory requriements; and the latest on wearable technology!

Whatever your industry sector – financial, education, retail, healthcare, government, to name but a few – ZONE SE7EN’s virtual Roundtable discussion with experts from Accellion, CA Technologies, Hyland Software, Microsoft, Nuxeo and Quocirca will help to provide you with a balanced overview of Cloud solutions, ensuring that you are fully informed and able to make that all-important decision.

Jes Breslaw from Accellion discusses the benefits of kiteworks, their cloud collaboration platform, their approach to the cloud environment, and how it can help keep your cloud deployments secure, yet accessible to users.

Paul Ferron at CA Technologies explains the key benefits for SMEs in migrating to a cloud solution, the role of cloud platforms in the growth of the Internet of Things, tips for managing and controlling corporate data in the cloud, and introduces their new cloud service CA CloudMinder.

David Jones at Hyland, creator of OnBase talks about importance of trust in the cloud and service level agreements, why there is a need for a fully functional ECM in the cloud, and the issue of data sovereignty as EU directives and regulations are due to be renewed this year.

Andrew Fryer at Microsoft tells us about the benefits of Microsoft’s cloud solution for SMEs and the way their cloud differs, what functionality is available to ensure data is kept secure yet accessible, and his view on the possibility of Microsoft entering the wearable technology market.

Frédéric Vadon from Nuxeo talks about the key benefits of cloud computing for SMEs, combining mobility and the cloud, the potential pitfalls when migrating existing infrastructure, document management systems, and applications to the cloud, and the differences between PaaS, IaaS and SaaS.

Clive Longbottom, a research analyst at Quocirca, talks about data security in the cloud being a major concern, whether cloud is always the best option for SMEs who want to manage their content more efficiently, and tips on getting your organisation ready to deploy a cloud solution.

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