November 2015, Data Security

Executive Interviews


Stuart Facey


Stuart Facey

CA Technologies

Paul A. Ferron

Director, Security Solutions, EMEA

Paul Ferron


Jackson Shaw

Senior Director, Product Management, Identity & Access Management

Jackson Shaw


Charles Read

Alliances Director

Charles Read

Ping Identity

Jason Goode

Regional Director EMEA

Jason Goode


Rashmi Knowles CISSP

Chief Security Architect

Rashmi Knowles

Data Security Roundtable Discussion

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Welcome to ZONE SE7EN’s Data Security Virtual Roundtable.

We talked to industry leaders within the Data Security industry to discuss trending topics in today’s marketplace – why two-factor authentication is a must; the benefits of Identity Access Management solutions; the impact of mobile devices on the security of content and data; how single sign-on policies improve productivity and save costs; considerations in managing digital identity; usernames and passwords, and whether they’ll become obsolete.

Whatever your industry – financial, education, retail, healthcare, government, to name but a few – ZONE SE7EN’s virtual Roundtable discussion with experts from Bomgar, CA Technologies, Dell, OneLogin, Ping Identity and RSA will help to provide you with a balanced overview of Data Security, ensuring that you are fully informed and able to make that all-important decision.

William Culbert from Bomgar discusses how the cloud and the adoption of SaaS applications have changed the security landscape, the importance of securing data on mobile devices, and why an Identity and Access Governance program can protect your organisation’s critical assets.

Paul Ferron at CA Technologies tells us about the benefits of an Identity Access Management solution, explains the principal differences between single sign-on and federated identity, and tells us why provisioning and deprovisioning needs to be leveraged for cloud applications.

Jackson Shaw from Dell explains how governance and compliance regulations drive the need for an Identity and Access Governance program, and why organisations need to be familiar with the new FIDO 2.0 standard and Microsoft’s Passport to help them manage digital identity.

Charles Read at OneLogin talks about the impact of cloud services on data security and why managing identities has become more prevalent, how two-factor authentication can be an effective solution to preventing cyber attacks, and the way single sign-on can reduce the risk associated with insecure passwords.

Jason Goode from Ping Identity why it’s important to build a multiple security policy based o te user, the application and the mobile device being used, how identity defined security puts the user’s identity at the core of a security policy, and how federation unlocks the power of identity.

Rashmi Knowles at RSA tells us how passwords are no longer sufficient to maintain an adequate level of security, why managing mobile Identity Access Management is one of the greatest challenges for security professionals, and that visibility helps you create a baseline for identity.

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