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IT Decision-Makers Believe there is a Big Gap in what Businesses want and can Deliver

  • By Allie Philpin 
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Cloud and virtualisation provider VMware’s Vanson Bourne study of 3,600 office professionals and 1,800 IT decision-makers has revealed that there is a significant gap between what businesses want and when IT are able to deliver it in the UK; the highest figure within Europe and resulting in around two-thirds of UK boards feeling concerned, if not threatened, by smaller businesses that are able to be more flexible and agile in their ability to implement today’s modern IT far more quickly.

65% of respondents believe there is a response gap between business needs and IT, and over a quarter of respondents admitted that there is a delay between 7 and 18 months, which has a severe implication on innovation (51%), productivity (52%) and loss of customer base (35%) to more agile business competitors.

The recent research found that CIOs in the UK feel that their IT departments are under pressure from the CEO, CTO and board to modernise IT within the next 12 months; IT departments feel they are under pressure to reduce costs (69%), move to a cloud infrastructure (42%) and increase mobility within the workforce (57%).

Senior economist at the Centre for Economics and Business Research, Rob Harborn, said: “As economies move from recovery mode to a period of growth, the pace of business is faster than ever.  With this new wave of IT innovation taking place, businesses are in a race to find better and quicker ways to align business expectations with IT delivery.”

Joe Baguley, EMEA CTO at VMware, added his warning: “A lag of almost half a year between what the businesses expects of IT and what IT can deliver is huge.  We cannot underplay the pressures IT departments face in this new mobile and cloud era, as they balance a need to maximise value from existing systems alongside the necessity to deploy new technologies.”

By Allie Philpin

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