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Kentico Software Release Results of Digital Brand Interactions Survey

  • By Allie Philpin 
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The web content and customer experience management provider, Kentico Software, has released the results of their new Digital Brand Interactions Survey.  According to the results of the survey, 68% of the general public hardly ever, or never, pay attention to what’s being posted by brands they follow of Like on social networks, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  However, of the survey’s respondents, only 5% report unfollowing or Unliking these brands.

When respondents asked how many brands they Liked on Facebook, 39% said between 1 and 10, 7% said 11 to 20, and 6% said 21 to 30 brands.  Yet 40% reported not Liking brands at all, but many also said they Liked or followed a brand on a social network because they wanted to be kept informed.  When it came to reasons for following or Liking brands, 39% said it was due to a special offer, 12% because it was recommended to them, and only 8% gave the reason that they wanted to learn more about that brand.  When it comes to unfollowing or unliking a brand, 32% said it was because posts were uninteresting, and 28% because there were too many posts.

This latest survey from Kentico questions the return marketers would expect from their social media efforts, with 72% of the respondents reporting that they hardly ever, or never, purchase a product when they’ve heard about it via a social network, yet 35% would but only following product recommendations from other sources.

Petr Palas, CEO at Kentico, said: “While our latest Digital Experience Survey may be bad news to some, it only reinforces our notion that the social media efforts of a company need to be measured by community engagement rather than Likes or follows.”  He added: “Equally critical is content that is compelling and personalised whenever possible to maintain the interest of people who may have become somewhat impervious to the constant bombardment of various marketing messages today.”

By Allie Philpin

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