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Know About BYOD? Then You’re in Demand!

  • By Allie Philpin 
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By Allie Philpin,

Like most industries, the IT industry has also had its fair share of hard times, particularly those working or wanting to work in this field.  But it appears that the BYOD trend is turning the tide and is having quite a significant impact on the IT job market.   Janco Associates recently carried out a survey that demonstrated if you possess BYOD skills, then you are more likely to secure a role within IT.

The survey revealed that overall IT positions were still few and far between, and you needed to tick all the boxes to be considered.  However, if you have skills related to BYOD technology and policies, then the IT recruitment world, from help desk and compliance to mobile app development and security, is your oyster!  M. Victor Janulaitis, CEO at Janco Associates, said: “If you have knowledge and ability to work with BYOD, either in implementation, support or development, this increases your value.  It’s the hot skill of the day.”

In the US, the IT job market grew by 74,900 last year, an increase on the previous year (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics), Janco still believes that this growth is not sufficient to sustain the ever-growing demand for jobs from graduates. Janulaitis added: “Positions in highest demand are all associated with the quality control, BYOD implementation and service level improvement.”

App developers are working on redesigning websites and their web applications, enabling them to be viewable and rendered on BYOD smartphones and tablets.  And then there’s the draw of cloud services which is also having an impact on BYOD; many IT managers are moving legacy systems to the cloud, which means that desktop software is becoming redundant and brings the virtual mobile environment to the forefront.

But the rise of BYOD has resulted in an increase in MDM (Mobile Device Management), and with this comes the advent of new, better, more exciting, infinitely capable technological solutions to improve MDM offerings.

Janco’s findings are supported by Forrester Research; David Johnson at Forrester said: “We’re seeing companies look at things like zero trust models in which every device is assumed compromised, where there is no concept of a trust network anymore.”

There seems little to no chance that BYOD is going away; in fact, we can safely say it is set to continue its inexorable rise!

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