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Looks Like it’s All Good News for Cloud Computing…

  • By Allie Philpin 
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By Allie Philpin

In both the business and consumer worlds, we seem to have accepted ‘cloud computing’, and we certainly seem less fearful of this technology as we come to understand not only how it functions, but also how it can help many in a variety of ways.  And judging by a survey recently conducted for CA Technologies by Vanson Bourne and Luth Research, there seems to be very few negatives from users of the cloud!

The survey confirmed: “… cloud computing is delivering on all of the major promises vendors have made for it;” adding: “… the benefits of using cloud computing are by all accounts living up to the hype, and many of the predicted and/or perceived problems are not actually being reported.”

The response was overwhelming; the cloud was either meeting or exceeding expectations in a range of critical areas for business results, such as higher revenues and increase speed of innovation, and for IT in performance, scalability and a reduction in total costs.  A surprise finding from the survey “… is that enterprises by and large are seeing tremendous benefit from the cloud and are having few, if any, problems.  Across the board, companies are reporting faster than expected deployment, better than expected results and lower than expected costs.”

However, now that organisations, users, IT and, to some extent, consumers are using cloud computing effectively, and in some cases, highly efficiently, there is an increased demand in IT management tools – service level management across cloud and non-cloud environments, service automation and being able to switch between cloud service providers.  As our experience in using the cloud increases, so do our requirements: “While cost savings continue to be a priority, increased speed of innovation has risen to the top for more experienced organisations,” says the survey.

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