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MEGA Launches New Compliance Solution to Meet Requirements

  • By Allie Philpin 
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To help companies meet today’s ever-increasing compliance requirements, MEGA has launched HOPEX Regulatory Compliance.  The new solution will also reduce risk and streamline compliance activities in order to meet the challenges of governance.

Built on MEGA’s HOPEX platform that powers their range of integrated software solutions, MEGA has integrated the independent domains of governance, risk and compliance (GRC), IT portfolio management and enterprise architecture (EA), making it the only integrated solution for all three elements and reduces any barriers to enterprise transformation.

HOPEX Regulatory Compliance integrates with other GRC solutions from MEGA, forming a complete corporate governance management framework, supporting the GRC functions including risk management, internal audit, internal control and regulatory compliance and sharing one single repository that holds all the relevant information in respect of the organisation’s controls, risks and compliance requirements.

Michael Rasmussen, founder of GRC 20/20, said: “The increasing volume and complexity of regulations, merged with the expanding complexity of organisations, creates situations where some compliance officers may have to manage thousands of risk and controls.  These growing demands are far beyond the scope of traditional office tools and companies need a way to manage them in a more comprehensive manner that incorporates enterprise-wide operations, resources, goals and rapid changes in the business environment.”

David Monahan, Research Director at Enterprise Management Associates, added: “It is essential for companies to leverage tools that help them best meet their compliance management needs, driving security within their compliance programs.”

By Allie Philpin

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