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Mobile Cloud Set to be the New Trend in 2014

  • By Allie Philpin 
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By Allie Philpin

2013 saw the monumental rise of two key trends – mobile and the cloud – and these trends look set to lead the way in 2014.  In most peoples personal and business environments, we are relying on mobile more and more; with our lives become busier and busier, and our smart mobile devices become ever more capable of storing larger amounts of information as well as processing that information more quickly, cloud’s storage facilities become just as important.  And it is for this reason that many believe these trends will merge to become the latest trend – Mobile Cloud.

The IEEE Computer Society believes that Mobile Cloud will be one of their Top Technology trends next year, commenting: “Mobile devices are constrained by their memory, processing power and battery life.  But combined with cloud computing, data processing and storage can happen outside of mobile devices.”

Whilst our mobile devices have bigger and better memories that previously, there is still a limit.  Smartphones usually have either 8GB or 16GB of storage capacity, and although tablets can have a maximum of 128GB, there is still a point when storage capabilities will reach a maximum.  And yes, there is the traditional notebook, even Ultrabooks, but there is still a ceiling as to how much data and information can be stored.

However, when mobile devices are combined with the cloud, storage capacity becomes virtually unlimited.  As long as you are able to connect to the cloud via Wi-Fi or an internet connection, users are able to add gigabytes, and terabytes if necessary, of data as and when required, via platforms such as Box, SkyDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox.  But that’s not all; store all your data held on your mobile device via a cloud (or backed-up to the cloud), and should the device get lost, stolen, or break, your data is still held safely and securely in the cloud, ready for you to access either via another mobile device or via an alternative method.

Essentially, the cloud makes your mobile device’s storage capabilities, as well as all your applications and processing needs, far more powerful and allowing you to work (or live) far more cohesively.  The IDC has named Mobile Cloud the ‘third platform’, delivering better synchronisation of data, better access and scalability, easier accessibility, improved collaboration and reliability from just about anywhere, at just about any time.

Without doubt, the cloud and mobile will continue to have their own  unique merits to ensure that ongoing individual growth with rise, but Mobile Cloud looks like it’s going to be a strong trend-setter in 2014, and one that benefits all in many ways.

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