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Mobility Leading the way in ECM Transformation, According to Ovum

  • By Allie Philpin 
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By Allie Philpin

Research organisation, Ovum, has released a new report – 2014 Trends to Watch on Enterprise Content Management – where they identify 5 key trends that they believe will impact ECM in 2014, and leading the way is mobility with the biggest changes occurring in the delivery of content as users demand access anywhere, at any time, as well as ensuring content is available to partners and via the cloud.

According to Sue Clarke, a senior analyst of information management at Ovum and author of the report, the ECM market is changing; vendors are becoming providers of solutions, leading to a change of emphasis from document management, to capture, scanning and BPM (business process management) as organisations are looking to become more content-centric.  The 5 key trends identified by Ovum are:

1.    User demand for access to content and applications anywhere, at any time.
2.    Ability to use file sync and to share documents for better collaboration.
3.    The social aspect; employees are using business-related content in their social networking activities.
4.    Compliance; the controlling and retaining of mobile and social content.
5.    Embracing the new opportunities that utilising the cloud offers, enabling organisations to extend their ECM deployments.

Organisations today need to ensure content can be delivered securely to a number of mobile devices, as users demand for this increases.  It is also a means to increasing productivity and streamlining business processes.  Clarke comments: “Users are now demanding access to content anytime, anywhere, and organisations need to be prepared for this.”  She advises that all ECM-related products need to include support for mobile devices, and make sure that the content delivered is in the right format for viewing on different devices.  Clarke added: “The capabilities should also ensure the same policies for managing access to content are applied, regardless of the device being used.”

Another big trend in 2014 is the cloud and the new opportunities it offers organisations that want to extend their ECM deployments.  Clarke comments: “Ovum believes organisations should consider the new deployment opportunities offered by the cloud.  Mid-sized organisations, without the budget or resoruces for an on-premise deployment, can use public clouds to cost-effectively implement ECM.”  Although many large organisations are hesitant in utilising the cloud opportunities due to trusting their sensitive data in the cloud, this shouldn’t deter smaller organisations from reaping the benefits.

File sync and sharing technology has recently been added to a range of ECM solutions, including the sharing of content in the cloud, as well as the provision for managing social content and web content management.  There is a significant increase in the regulations and legislation that many organisations have to adhere to now, but a lot of ECM technologies are able to assist organisations meet their compliance requirements.

Clarke commented: “The benefits of technologies, such as RM, archiving, search and e-discovery are well-established, but other products, including case management, capture and scanning, also have an important role to play in helping organisations to comply with increasing regulations and legislation.”

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