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New Open Cloud Project Unveiled by the CloudEthernet Forum

  • By Allie Philpin 
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At Interop this week, the CloudEthernet Forum launched a new Open Cloud Project in association with the MetroEthernet Forum, with the hope of creating an open test as well as a standards development program for cloud service providers and vendors.  Within the new project, there will be a dedicated proof of concept test laboratory in Silicon Valley to provide testing and support for the iterative development of CEF’s CloudE 1.0, an open cloud environment, plus it will help to develop the basis of future benchmark testing and compliance.

To start with, the Open Cloud Project will concentrate on cloud security, application performance management and traffic load balancing, whilst the open test program will form the basis for a “fully inter-working cloud environment.”

CEF President and Vice President of Managed Network Services at Tata Communications, James Walker, said: “This is vitally important work if we are to avoid fragmentation of the cloud.  Cloud services rely on the end-to-end interoperability of so many players – enterprises, network and data centre equipment vendors, data centre operators, orchestration layers, management and reporting platforms, security devices, network service providers – the list goes on.”

With the potential to reach over 240 members, including cloud software and equipment vendors, the CEF is currently working on defining a reference architecture for cloud interoperability which will have a key role in the new Open Cloud Project.

By Allie Philpin

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