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Print Management Delivers More than Just Cost Savings

By Allie Philpin

One of the principal reasons companies consider implementing a print management solution is to save money, but there are other benefits for such a program including streamlining productivity, increasing ROI (return on investment), improving print management, and more…

All businesses and organisations are continually looking for ways in which they can reduce costs and improve their bottom line, and the print environment is often an area that comes ‘under the knife’, so to speak.  So, what else can you get from implementing print management solutions?

Let’s look at employees; as companies made cuts to staffing levels, many employees found that they had to take on more tasks, i.e. marketing personnel suddenly became print buyers, drawing their attention away from promotional campaigns.  So, by outsourcing your print management partner frees up employee time so that they can concentrate on their roles, boost productivity and improve time-to-market of products and services.

And then there’s changing in the marketplace; keeping up with your customers is becoming a key activity within many organisations, and keeping abreast of changes in their demands will keep you ahead of the competition.  An efficient, focused print management partner will work with you in adapting to market changes, sourcing new and growing opportunities without dragging your staff away from their jobs.  Not only that, sometimes a view from an outside source can help you identify those processes, especially print-related ones, which could be improved.

An effective print management solution can help to streamline business processes.  A good print management partner that understands your business throughout allows management to focus on outdated processes, develop business structures and protocols, analyse job roles and responsibilities with a view to increasing productivity, which may also lead to restructuring where necessary.

And this is all great, but a word of caution – no buy-in from your staff, including management, no long-term success!  Your print management plans won’t get far if you don’t have the backing of staff, at least at management level.  What is encouraging is that you don’t necessarily need to convince everyone that this is the way to move forward; what you do need is a ‘change advocate’ from management that is going to champion the benefits to not just the company, but to staff as well – including the personal benefits!  An advocate of change that is able to garner support and promote understanding of the changes that are due to be implemented will help to improve acceptance and encourage staff to work together to achieve a common goal; driving the company forward and increasing the bottom line.

Print management solutions aren’t just about saving money; there is a much bigger picture to think about, many more benefits to be gained, and long-term success to be achieved.

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